06.07.2014: creole winner 2014

Bundessieger Creole 2014: Kapelsky & Marina

19:30 hour, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS (together with the bands "Pulsar Trio" (creole Berlin/Brandenburg), "Sedaa" (creole Nord) and "Volxtanz" (creole Südwest)) and now awardee of the biggest German worldmusic competition "creole 2014" - YEEEHAAA!
In total round about 600 bands joined the competition in at first 7 regional preliminary decisions (we in North Rhine Westfalia on September 21th 2013 at jazzclub domicil Dortmund - see older "News" entries below).

Therefore we will come again to Rudolstadt next year to play a full concert during the TFF festival. Here you can find a short review and the official statement of the "Landesmusikrat".

Photo: award ceremony German worldmusic competition "creole 2014"

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